Janice Dickinson doesn’t Believe Tyra

After the public made a fuss about Tyra’s controversial commercial for “America’s Next Top Model” that praised a 6’2” skeleton model, Tyra apologized for the promo. She said the commercial was “misconstrued.”

However, not that anybody cares, but Janice Dickinson doesn’t believe it. “[Ex]cuse me, but Tyra is the executive producer of that show,” Dickinson told Access Hollywood. “She has her finger on everything. No, I don’t believe it.”

“It’s her show. She’s very controlling. She’s the hardest working woman on that show. She has her finger on that pulse – trust me. “Everything they shoot is intentional. Don’t tell me different. I did it for five seasons,” Dickinson argued.

In the original promotion, the wanna be model’s waist is so tiny, Miss J fit both his hands around it. Tyra made a big deal about it saying, “There’s something about her I like.”

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