Celine Dion 7 months Pregnant

Healthy, relaxed and really quite pregnant.

That’s how Céline Dion looks in an exclusive new photo of the singer, who’s expecting twin boys in November, published by Canada’s 7 Jours magazine.

Dion, 42, is seen in the photo with her husband, René Angelil, their 9-year-old son, René-Charles, and their dog, Charlie.

In a telephone interview she gave to Sophie Durocher and will be reported in the magazine 7 Days this Thursday, Celine Dion is said to be a wife and a mother filled.

“We talked for 45 minutes, says columnist

Journal de Montreal and 7 Days. It was, I believe, the meeting of two hearts mother. Of course it would limit all trips to adequately protect the unborn twins. We talked about breastfeeding and the happiness of being a mother after 40 years, what I lived well. Rene-Charles has started school and she is very proud of her boy. I was happy to see the photos provided by Rene, also naturally beautiful and equally proud to show off that beautiful belly of twins. I found it quite funny. Definitely, this girl can do stand-up comedy and going into tomorrow morning so it is funny. ”

Finally, Rene Angelil said he was very reassured by the condition of his wife and is confident that the final chapter of this pregnancy as desired by his wife is going well until the end.

Read the full interview of Celine Dion’s Sophie Durocher, and some pictures of Celine and her family in the magazine 7 Days, on newsstands now.


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