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I can’t believe that we have been publishing this magazine for 55 issues.Recently I had the opportunity to interview a wonderful person in our community Armond Anderson-Bell here is a little bit of what we chatted about below:

Cleavester: What is your show Beyond the Heels about?
The full title of the show is Beyond the Heels: True Life Stories of Transsexuals, Transgender and Drag Queens. It’s a one on one in dept style series of interview questions that takes you into the life of the individual being showcased for a more personal look on sexual identity and depression breakdowns.

Cleavester: Who is Armond Anderson-Bell?
I’m a son, a brother, an uncle, a lover and fighter. I’m your average Joe and at the same time one of the most complex persons around! LOL

Cleavester: Describe a relationship with you?
A relationship with me would be interesting. I give so much to people both personally and professional, that with my mate I’m hoping to relax and so to speak let my down hair. I hope to be able to be vulnerable within his arms and just BE

Cleavester: Describe a romantic evening with you?
A romantic evening with me would be mostly likely held at home (mine or his) I would cook and then we would sit and watch a movie or just relax and listen to music and talk. I love physical affection so I love to cuddle or may want to give him a full body massage (which I’m very skilled at…WINK WINK) LOL

The Future
Cleavester: Tell me something about you that your fans may be surprised to know?
As much as I love being Imani Phoenix, she is a performance character and when I’m not in drag I’m just your a regular guy. I love hip-hop, hood and booty music and embrace being a “Man” LOL It takes alot of energy to be Imani and actually I was being Imani that helped me embrace my boy side more

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