Why Can’t Black Boys Read???

A November 2010 report by the Council of the Great City Schools, reveals that black boys and black teen males scarcely know how to read, they score horribly on SATs and frankly are doomed for a life of under achievement and poverty. But why??? Media Analyst/Talk Show Host, Herndon Davis tells us why.


  1. There are several issues at work here:

    The first two have nothing to do with race.

    First, some people are not wired to read. Their brains are just not able to process written information, and this may be a person from any racial backgrouond. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Some people who are unable to read or unable to read well, find other ways to excel such as in creative realms. I do not know what the statistics for the general population have been for this historically but I would be interested in that statistic.

    Secondly, the American educational system as a whole is failing children. It seems that people graduating from high schools these days, regardless of ethnic background are not equipped with basic information. I would venture a guess here that video games have replaced books for many children (and I especially see this with boys).

    The last issue is very racial and political. Our children, especially boys, as you said are not encouraged to be strong readers. I believe it is by design that if you discourage whole groups from excelling, you will eliminate the possibility that they will compete in the maintstream. I think it is bigger than indidivual parents and more about changing systems.

    Please post or send me the source of those statistics so I can help sound the alarm.

    I wrote a related blog if you are interested. http://makeitplainonline.wordpress.com/2010/11/06/learning-disabilities-101/


  2. Johnnie ballard says:

    It totally starts at home. My wife and I push our kids to read everyday. When I was little my mom and grandmother encouraged us to always read.


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