SGL TV:Under The Sons

Under the Sons is a raw reality show with a cast of characters in Southern California trying to live the American dream. These are REAL people with REAL life stories of a culturally diverse mixture of family and friends. The show is centered around a single father of five who is coming to grips with the reality that his children are no longer children and he can no longer make up for the past.

Under The Sons will feature a variety of characters throughout the season that will remind you of someone you know–whether it be friend or neighbor, coworker or relative, or even maybe yourself. These stories are not about the privileged or stereotypical ghetto African-American family. This is about an urban family striving to survive everyday life in mainstream America. This show explores the issues that this type of family struggles with – single parents and divorce, biracial identity, criminal injustice, sexual experimentation, the quest for fame, and ultimately, acceptance. These stories will demonstrate that no matter who we are or where we live, only God can judge us; for we all have a place in this world and not everyone is what they appear to be….
Click Pictures Above to see preview of Show.

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