Gone To Soon: Maurice Murrell and Interview

It is with sad regard to inform you of the passing of a kind and loving young vessel in the GLBT community Maurice Murrell. While many in and on the NYC scene have known Maurice for years. The world and I came to know Maurice when he debut on the January 2006 Cover of the Clik Magazine and he hasn’t look back yet. In April 2009, I had the opportunity to interview this warm and easy on the eye young man about his debut in “Finding Me:The Movie”. The character he played was shady, the kind of person you would meet outside and whip that behind. Unlike Maurice who is the complete opposite. So sit back and enjoy the man that was a gift to us all. xoxoxo

Why is your character described as shady guy?
Well it depends on who you are asking to describe him..lol. I know in reading the script I thought he was shady to certain characters, but I saw him as more of the protagonist. In lament terms he would do recognizable ” shady things”, but I feel even when someone is shady there is something else behind the way they act than just being malicious for no apparent reason.

Who is Maurice Murrell?
Who is Maurice Murrell?….hmmmm. I wish I could answer you but right now I feel like my life is changing or will be changing so fast that I don’t even know who he is. I know what i stand for, I have the same morals, values, and practices, yet and still I’m always looking for the evolution of it all, to be different and improved each and every year while still believing in the dreams I once had as a child..lol..I hope that helps

How is Maurice different from Jaylen Timber’s (Character)?
It’s funny you ask this, but at first I had a reservation about playing this character,not because I thought it wasn’t a great character to play, but on a personal level I felt like people would think this was who I was in everyday life and how I would handle things on an everyday basis. His life and mine couldn’t be anymore different, but it’s why I loved playing him and will love playing him in the sequel. He made me look outside of myself, to see what its like to be that” hurt survivor” and the mentality which goes behind negatively redeemed actions. So if you think it was me before this movie and even after the movie until you read this interview then i did good:-)

When did you start modeling?
LOL…you are going to hate me for this, but I never ever really felt like I ever started. I have had some amazing experiences and have been booked for some very great jobs and shoots, but I never really felt I started. Maybe this will be my year to actually start, but I think the first big thing people saw me in was the cover and spread for CLIK. LOL…. I still don’t know why that issue was so popular…

Are you a sex symbol?
You know what the funny thing is…..I’ve been called it and the sexy part is a descriptive adjective I always hear, but I wouldn’t classify myself as a sex symbol. I think to even be considered a sex symbol you need to at least feel sexy and I’ll say it once again’ I’m one of the biggest nerds I know( and proud of it). Sexy is all relative.

What are you looking for out of life?
What I’m looking for out of life is to just be happy and content. To be in love and to just laugh all day. To be financially secure. I like to live a simple life,unlabeled and not flashy. I want to have a family with kids and a great marriage.

What is a day in the life of Maurice Murrell like?
My days fluctuate so much its not even funny. I travel a lot , like I will be this summer,so it will be a lot of shooting and just surviving the recession(high five to all those who are surviving it…Keep your head up; cause Bush is out). ohh…and trying to save the world and make it better for my community.

You appear in Friends and Lovers Series by Maurice Jamal? What role do you play? What can you tell us about your upcoming role in B-Boy Blues: The Movie?
Friends and Lovers?…Maurice Jamal?.. B-Boy Blues?, What are you trying to find out that I’m not supposed to talk about?…lol….you guys are bad…lol….

What can we expect from you in the future?
In the future I just plan to be working a lot, if opportunity still presents itself. I want to always shoot editorial shots and be a different chameleon like character to adapt. What I would absolutely love is to do an action movie where I have action sequence..I’m all about capoeira, boxing, and gymnastics

Cards of condolences should be sent to Maurice’s mother:
Ms. Sheryl Murrell- 33 Carlton Club Drive Piscatway, New Jersey 08854

Maurice will be laid to rest on May 31st. Funeral services will be held at this address;
St. John’s Church
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Wake Service from 9am-11am, Burial at 11am


  1. Edward Lane says:

    Maurice Murrell was/is a person like NO ONE I have ever met. He never knew what sadness was he would always try to make you smile and laugh. Even when he was down you would never knew it. A part of me has been lost too and I still cant believe that this is true. I so wish I would wake up and be able to talk to you like is was all a bad dream. The love that I have for Maurice is something that will never leave my heart he will forever be my always, my everything and my soul. Please contiue to remember him in the good light never the dark. Adress him in present tense only cause he will always be with us. Please contiune to include him and his family in your prayers. I LOVE you Maurice…..My heart is so Broken right now!


    1. Author, G. D. Grace says:

      He’s still with you, Edward. In spirit. Having read your recount of your experiences as a friend, I can only say that what you feel is inconsolable. My prayers are with you and everyone’s life he touched. (hugs)


  2. Jamar Freeze says:

    What happened to him? What did he pass away from?


    1. sglweekly says:

      Can’t say right now but it will be reveal in the upcoming weeks. Will keep you posted. Be Blessed!


      1. Jamar Freeze says:

        I see. Most unfortunate to see any young brotha of the community pass before his time.


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    1. C says:

      Thank you, please tell your friends about us.


  4. Author, G. D. Grace says:

    He appeared to have been such a sweet spirit. I hate I never got to meet him. RIP, Courageous Soldier. (hugs)


  5. Friends of Maurice says:

    Hi All,

    Please go to http://www.mauricemurrell.com and leave your condolences/photos & memories. He will live in our hearts forever! Thank you!


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    Thanks -Keenan


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