In Loving Memory…Whitney Houston (1963-2012)

Today we lost a living legend Whitney Elizabeth Houston at the tender age of 48. Considered to be the black Barbara Streisand, she was the voice of many generations and will be remembered for her contribution that she has given to the music industry and world. To the little girls(Christina Aguilar, Jennifer Hudson) that wanted to be her and have that voice. To the boys who wanted to marry her. May your soul be at rest.

I Believe In You and Me

I Will Always Love You


  1. nice job my friend , mujeres para hacer el amor mujeres para hacer el amor . I have just bookmarked you


    1. Mikkah says:

      Whitney Houston, Brazil loves you. You iprsine us. Anxiously await his return to heaven, where is their habitat. You’re still the brightest star of all.


      1. Gloriana says:

        Walking in the prceense of giants here. Cool thinking all around!


  2. Atul says:

    That boy of yours tuoches only those that allow themelves to be touched in a deep recess of the soul…… are the lucky lady to feel the depths of your soul daily because he guides you there…without him you would never experience the depth you do now………nor you would the fantastic writer you are without him…….he has given you a voice………he is a gift


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