Web Series: Tha Life Atlanta

Tha Life Atlanta cast
Dr. George Smith’s ‘Tha Life Atlanta’ is back with a second installment of a glimpse into the lives of Africa American men who live in Atlanta Black Gay Mecca. The second installment is fill with more drama, romance, cheating, etc. Watch and let us know what you think below:


  1. jase says:

    so…i only watch maybe like 3mins….i cant….no disrespect to none of the cast…..but really?….ex-strippers….and porn star….this is an disgrace to the gay community…yall Atl gays should be ashamed of how they are portraying yall…i no this lifestyle is cray…but are yall serious?,,,yall are that the sad part…u mean to tell me no affluent gay man in ATL was willing to be on the show? as an proud gay man from NY….where we do…party and bullshit…none of us with self respect woulda did this……this is trash…either do some recasting of just get better story lines that arent including the club,,,drugs….or just random sex…


  2. vince says:

    all i can say is great writing. i can’t wait to see what happens next. mehran still wants a relationship with george even though george had an issue with the age difference. mehran should just move on and not let it get to him!!!!


  3. Mr. Miaggi says:

    Very entertaining… can’t wait for the next episode (lighting & camera angles need to be adjusted for confessionals)


  4. Trey Songz says:

    (The Shade is Victorious) “Jase” shut up its a reality show for entertainment purposes not a documentary


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