{Video} Who Will Cry For Us? :Unsolved Black LGBT Murders, Attacks, & Hate Crimes

Unsolved Black LGBT Murders, Attacks & Hate CrimesAccording to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, 2012 had the fourth highest rate of murders of LGBTQ people in history. Of all these victims, 73% were LGBT people of color, with black transgender women accounting for the highest number of the homicides. Transgender people are being murdered at a rate of 50% higher than other same gender loving people.

The team over at Nomoredownload.tv remembers some of the victims of violent murders, attacks and hate crimes in the African American same gender loving community. They only highlighted some of the homicides in an effort to bring awareness to the public and hopefully change the culture that leads to these horrific crimes against humanity.

If you know of any people of color that weren’t highlighted in this video please let us know in the comments below. Share this post on your social media pages.

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