Black Mom Speaks Out After Losing Her Son to Suicide; Divas Simply Singing; Life as an HIV+ Lesbian; and Homeless LGBTQ Youth on Thanksgiving.

The NoMoreDownlow gang is back with another installment of it’s wonderful newsmagazine that features the lives of African Americans. In this episode they spoke with Sirdeaner Walker, who tells the story of losing her son, Carl, at age eleven to suicide after being harassed at school. Now, she’s pushing lawmakers to sign anti-bullying legislation. Then theyContinue reading “Black Mom Speaks Out After Losing Her Son to Suicide; Divas Simply Singing; Life as an HIV+ Lesbian; and Homeless LGBTQ Youth on Thanksgiving.”

Calling All “Paris Is Burning” Fans

Are you ready to Leave it on the Floor literally? Theirs a new film kinda a part 2 were Paris is burning left off. NoMoreDownLow.TV news break featuring interviews with the producer and director Sheldon Larry, plus stars from the film Andre Myers and Phillip Evelyn. From the movie website: Leave It On the FloorContinue reading “Calling All “Paris Is Burning” Fans”

Another Gone to Soon:Taylor Siluwe- A Life in Words

Life is so very precious and we take each other for granted thinking that, that person will be there tomorrow. Well tomorrow is not promised for any of us. I received some very sad news last night that Activist/Author Taylor Siluwe passed away on Sunday afternoon. Taylor was a great and sweet man that dearlyContinue reading “Another Gone to Soon:Taylor Siluwe- A Life in Words”

Reaffirming The Black “SGL” Male

From creators Cleo Manago and Anthony Djavan Harris comes a new documentary ‘In My Own Image – Healing Black Men Who Love Men.’ The film features the voices, experiences and transformations of 40 young adult and adult same-gender-loving (SGL) Black male leaders from throughout the country. Who gather for a retreat recently to discuss howContinue reading “Reaffirming The Black “SGL” Male”

SGL Theatre: Damage Control

Are you ready for some Damage Control this memorial day weekend? That’s right their is a new play by world re-known Play write Alan Sharpe about a Secret Relationship Between Two Young Stars. Read press release below and then book your ticket to the show. SINGER AND RAPPER TEAM UP FOR MORE THAN MUSIC NewContinue reading “SGL Theatre: Damage Control”

Gone To Soon: Maurice Murrell and Interview

It is with sad regard to inform you of the passing of a kind and loving young vessel in the GLBT community Maurice Murrell. While many in and on the NYC scene have known Maurice for years. The world and I came to know Maurice when he debut on the January 2006 Cover of theContinue reading “Gone To Soon: Maurice Murrell and Interview”

Exclusive: Oprah on last 25 years

Twenty-five years after The Oprah Winfrey Show debuted, the game-changing daytime smash comes to an end as the talk legend reflects candidly on her legacy, how she makes decisions and why her voice used to be higher. Roger Ebert helped you start the show. How? Roger and I went out on a date, believe itContinue reading “Exclusive: Oprah on last 25 years”

Is Bey back to claim her a Crown?

Lions, hyenas, and Beyoncé, oh my! Beyoncé starts a dance revolution with her much-anticipated video for “Run the World (Girls),” the empowering first single from her fourth solo album 4, dropping June 28. Pop’s commander-in-chief leads an army of over 200 dancers in the heavily-choreographed visuals directed by Francis Lawrence (Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani), featuringContinue reading “Is Bey back to claim her a Crown?”