Duane Cramer Covers HIV Plus Magazine

World re-known famed photographer Duane Cramer covers the July/August 2013. Duane who is HIV-positive, talk’s about his life, charity, and documenting the lives of African-Americans, gay & HIV+ people and some celebs with his camera. To read the full interview click here.  

Beyonce Covers Jones Magazine

All hail to our Queen B (Beyonce), for the Winter 2012 issue of Jones magazine they feature the mother to be and a host of many others in their Arts/Entertainment issue. Statement about the issue from Jones: “Jones magazine is honored to feature the incomparable Beyoncé on the cover of its first ever arts andContinue reading “Beyonce Covers Jones Magazine”

Another Gone to Soon:Taylor Siluwe- A Life in Words

Life is so very precious and we take each other for granted thinking that, that person will be there tomorrow. Well tomorrow is not promised for any of us. I received some very sad news last night that Activist/Author Taylor Siluwe passed away on Sunday afternoon. Taylor was a great and sweet man that dearlyContinue reading “Another Gone to Soon:Taylor Siluwe- A Life in Words”

Gone To Soon: Maurice Murrell and Interview

It is with sad regard to inform you of the passing of a kind and loving young vessel in the GLBT community Maurice Murrell. While many in and on the NYC scene have known Maurice for years. The world and I came to know Maurice when he debut on the January 2006 Cover of theContinue reading “Gone To Soon: Maurice Murrell and Interview”

Exclusive: Oprah on last 25 years

Twenty-five years after The Oprah Winfrey Show debuted, the game-changing daytime smash comes to an end as the talk legend reflects candidly on her legacy, how she makes decisions and why her voice used to be higher. Roger Ebert helped you start the show. How? Roger and I went out on a date, believe itContinue reading “Exclusive: Oprah on last 25 years”

New GLBT Teen Mag for Parents

Rainbow Riot expands on popular fiction magazine for youth. Rainbow Riot, a new online magazine for teens with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) parents, has launched at http://www.rainbowriot.org to serve the 9 million young people with LGBT parents in the United States. Rainbow Riot features interviews with youth who have LGBT parents, artwork andContinue reading “New GLBT Teen Mag for Parents”

Ex-Editors Team Up To Launch “B” Magazine

B MAGAZINE promises to become an essential style & political item. The longtime editors of the two iconic magazines, Peter and Savas, are joined by almost all the significant players of the Original XY editorial team, to launch their new magazine for young gay men, B MAGAZINE; and a companion all-photo magazine, ALL AMERICAN GUYSContinue reading “Ex-Editors Team Up To Launch “B” Magazine”

RHOA Peter Thomas Speaks with Uptown Mag

Earlier this week, BV posted an interview with Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Cynthia Bailey. The beauty, who graces the cover of UPTOWN’s Weddings and Travel issue, spoke candidly about her summer nuptials to entrepreneur Peter Thomas. Anyone who follows the show knows all about the investment Cynthia made in Thomas’ now defunct restaurantContinue reading “RHOA Peter Thomas Speaks with Uptown Mag”

Lamar Odom Chats with Playboy

Lamar Odom, Los Angeles Lakers star and Khloe Kardashian’s husband, is the subject of Playboy’s February Interview. He talks about finding love with Khloe, the repercussions of a hypothetical sex tape leak and growing up playing basketball in Queens. We saw the lavish wedding, and we will be watching their own spinoff show, Khloé &Continue reading “Lamar Odom Chats with Playboy”

The Queen of Ice Johnny Weir Comes Out

Johnny Weir has a memoir coming out soon called Welcome to My World, he’s promoting it by leaking/selling excerpts to People magazine. The big news or non-news to some is that Weir finally, explicitly comes out as gay: “With people killing themselves and being scared into the closet, I hope that even just one personContinue reading “The Queen of Ice Johnny Weir Comes Out”