Nicole Richie Gets Lucky

Nicole Richie looks so adorable on the February 2011 cover of Lucky magazine. Nicole has the case of Benjamin Button because the older she gets the younger she looks. When Nicole hit the scene back in 2003 she definitely looked older and fatter than she does now. That’s probably because she was involved in drugs.InContinue reading “Nicole Richie Gets Lucky”

Exclusive New Issue

Click cover to get your copy and 25 % off. In this issue we sat down with 2 SGL people one is K’Bana Blaq an up and coming singer. The next is the creative mind behind Dior John Gialliano. I hope you like the issue and please let us know what you think. Send usContinue reading “Exclusive New Issue”

Next Issue of SGL Weekly Mag

I can’t believe that we have been publishing this magazine for 55 issues.Recently I had the opportunity to interview a wonderful person in our community Armond Anderson-Bell here is a little bit of what we chatted about below: Cleavester: What is your show Beyond the Heels about? The full title of the show is BeyondContinue reading “Next Issue of SGL Weekly Mag”

Preview of our Next Issue

Recently, We had the opportunity to sit down and interview a wonderful young man in our community. By the name of Kaoz Rapper/Spoken Word Artist. We discuss any and everything life, love, sex, suicide, and the future. Check this issue and and pass it along to everyone you know and don’t know. Email us atContinue reading “Preview of our Next Issue”

Martha on Oprah

Last Month Martha Sewart stopped by the Oprah Winfrey show for the last time to discuss the last 6 years of her life. Also to promote her move to the Hallmark to try and boost her sad ratings. She took viewers inside her Maine home, entertained with Oprah, and crafted. Watch tomorrows show of theContinue reading “Martha on Oprah”

Usher Speaks to Vibe

Here’s a first look at our October/November cover featuring the one and only Usher, but the rejuvenated charmer is no stranger to the pages of VIBE. They captured Ursh from his gaunt days as a sex symbol-in-training to his last days of bachelorhood. Go back in time with these oldies but goodies of Usher RaymondContinue reading “Usher Speaks to Vibe”

Exclusive: New Issue

SGL Weekly Issue 53: Nhojj Song Issue In this issue I had the opportunity to sit down with recording artist Nhojj Song. I get so excited when I get the chance interview people who are taking their careers into their own hands instead of waiting for someone to give it to them. Nhojj is oneContinue reading “Exclusive: New Issue”

Celine Dion 7 months Pregnant

Healthy, relaxed and really quite pregnant. That’s how Céline Dion looks in an exclusive new photo of the singer, who’s expecting twin boys in November, published by Canada’s 7 Jours magazine. Dion, 42, is seen in the photo with her husband, René Angelil, their 9-year-old son, René-Charles, and their dog, Charlie. In a telephone interviewContinue reading “Celine Dion 7 months Pregnant”

Essence Covers 3 Smoking Hot Men

The October issue of Essence Magazine is smoking hot and I mean literally with Boris Kodjoe (my ex husband),Blair Underwood (my sisters husband), and Lance Gross (my new husband). All three men are the new faces in primetime television this fall. We at SGL Weekly are very happy that they finally brought all of thisContinue reading “Essence Covers 3 Smoking Hot Men”