{Film} RASHAWN’S DESIRE: The Untold Story of Rashawn Brazell

Filmmaker Terik King tells the story of Rashawn Brazell in Rashawn’s Desire. Rashawn’s Desire – The Untold Story of Rashawn Brazell is a documentary exploring the life and death of Rashawn Brazell, whose gruesome 2005 murder is considered one of the most horrific unsolved crimes in New York City history. To find out more about thisContinue reading “{Film} RASHAWN’S DESIRE: The Untold Story of Rashawn Brazell”

{Video} Who Will Cry For Us? :Unsolved Black LGBT Murders, Attacks, & Hate Crimes

According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, 2012 had the fourth highest rate of murders of LGBTQ people in history. Of all these victims, 73% were LGBT people of color, with black transgender women accounting for the highest number of the homicides. Transgender people are being murdered at a rate of 50% higher thanContinue reading “{Video} Who Will Cry For Us? :Unsolved Black LGBT Murders, Attacks, & Hate Crimes”

{Submit} NoMoreDownLow.TV “Unsolved Black LGBT Murders & Attacks”

NoMoreDownLow.TV, is working on a special show about “Unsolved Black LGBT Murders & Attacks.” If you know someone who was violently attacked or murdered and the crime has yet to be solved, please send photos & any information to info@nomoredownlow.tv. They want to honor those persons. Please feel free to repost and tweet as theyContinue reading “{Submit} NoMoreDownLow.TV “Unsolved Black LGBT Murders & Attacks””

Comedian Otis Mack is Hospitalized in Memphis

On Friday, Chi-towns very own comedian Otis Mack arrived in Memphis, TN. for an event. But had to be taken to the Methodist South ER for and undisclosed health ailment. To take proper safety measures he was place in ICU. With the prayers of friends, he was taken out of ICU around 1 am on SundayContinue reading “Comedian Otis Mack is Hospitalized in Memphis”

Black LGBT React to the Supreme Court Ruling (Video)

Many of times when national events happen we as African American people are left out of the story. I am glad Earnest Winborne and the NoMoreDownLow.TV reporters were there to capture it from our point of view. SGL Highlights of the Los Angeles rally of the Supreme Courts decision on California Prop 8, Marriage Equality/DOMA.Continue reading “Black LGBT React to the Supreme Court Ruling (Video)”

National Association of Black Journalists Nominates NoMoreDownLow.TV for Salute to Excellence Awards

Congrats to Earnest Winborne and team! The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) announced the finalists for their Salute to Excellence Awards, including the first-ever nomination for the black LGBT entertainment news series NoMoreDownLow.TV in the “Digital Media: Interactive Feature” category. Segments from episode 205 of NoMoreDownLow.TV feature the LGBT black community’s reaction to PresidentContinue reading “National Association of Black Journalists Nominates NoMoreDownLow.TV for Salute to Excellence Awards”

Oprah’s Book Club is Back!

Oprah and author Cheryl Strayed are enjoying nature and a Book Club discussion in the Week 1 webisode for Wild, the first selection for Oprah’s Book Club 2.0. Watch as Cheryl reads the passage where she’s about to set out for her hike on the Pacific Crest Trail—and can’t lift her backpack. Hear what OprahContinue reading “Oprah’s Book Club is Back!”

Tyra Arrested

James William Ross IV, also known as Tyra Sanchez, was arrested Tuesday night when the car he was a passenger in was stopped on I-85 for having illegal window tinting, according to a police report obtained by the AJC. The Gwinnett police officer who stopped the car said he smelled raw marijuana and searched theContinue reading “Tyra Arrested”

Exclusive: Oprah on last 25 years

Twenty-five years after The Oprah Winfrey Show debuted, the game-changing daytime smash comes to an end as the talk legend reflects candidly on her legacy, how she makes decisions and why her voice used to be higher. Roger Ebert helped you start the show. How? Roger and I went out on a date, believe itContinue reading “Exclusive: Oprah on last 25 years”