Reaffirming The Black “SGL” Male

From creators Cleo Manago and Anthony Djavan Harris comes a new documentary ‘In My Own Image – Healing Black Men Who Love Men.’ The film features the voices, experiences and transformations of 40 young adult and adult same-gender-loving (SGL) Black male leaders from throughout the country. Who gather for a retreat recently to discuss howContinue reading “Reaffirming The Black “SGL” Male”

NYC Hospitals Lead the nation in Caring for GLBT Patients

New York City hospitals plan to show all of their 38,000 staff members a video depicting how discrimination can devastate GLBT patients navigating the healthcare system, hoping to encourage employees to better serve the community. “This is a city that has a very large population of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender individuals who come to ourContinue reading “NYC Hospitals Lead the nation in Caring for GLBT Patients”

SGL Theatre: Damage Control

Are you ready for some Damage Control this memorial day weekend? That’s right their is a new play by world re-known Play write Alan Sharpe about a Secret Relationship Between Two Young Stars. Read press release below and then book your ticket to the show. SINGER AND RAPPER TEAM UP FOR MORE THAN MUSIC NewContinue reading “SGL Theatre: Damage Control”

The Queen of Ice Johnny Weir Comes Out

Johnny Weir has a memoir coming out soon called Welcome to My World, he’s promoting it by leaking/selling excerpts to People magazine. The big news or non-news to some is that Weir finally, explicitly comes out as gay: “With people killing themselves and being scared into the closet, I hope that even just one personContinue reading “The Queen of Ice Johnny Weir Comes Out”

Chris Brown launches into Homophobic Twitter Feud

Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Koi Sojer/PR Photos Chris Brown launched into a profanity-laced Twitter feud for several hours today with former B2K member De’Mario Thornton — a.k.a. Raz-B — in which both Brown and Thornton employed homophobic slurs and taunts. The exchange began after Thornton tweeted, using the Twitter handles for, respectively, Eric Benet,Continue reading “Chris Brown launches into Homophobic Twitter Feud”

Next Issue of SGL Weekly Mag

I can’t believe that we have been publishing this magazine for 55 issues.Recently I had the opportunity to interview a wonderful person in our community Armond Anderson-Bell here is a little bit of what we chatted about below: Cleavester: What is your show Beyond the Heels about? The full title of the show is BeyondContinue reading “Next Issue of SGL Weekly Mag”