Former Supermodel Beverly Johnson Gets Real

In Beverly’s Full House, supermodel Beverly Johnson steps out of her role as glamorous fashion icon and opens her home to her daughter Anansa (a plus-size model), son-in-law David (a former NFL player), and their newborn baby Ava, in an effort to reconnect with her daughter and to help her growing family get ahead financiallyContinue reading “Former Supermodel Beverly Johnson Gets Real”

Gaga is The Man of The Hour

Lady Gaga is flexing her gender-bending muscles in the upcoming issue of Vogue Hommes Japan, which hits stands this month. The pop star graces the cover of the magazine as “Jo Calderone”- a Sicilian mechanic who favors grease-stained t-shirts and cigarettes tucked behind the ear. Images of the Nick Knight Calderone shoot made the InternetContinue reading “Gaga is The Man of The Hour”